Visit to SSPA and RISE facilities


Add a day to your conference schedule and join us for a day trip to RISE and SSPA facilities and laboratories.


09:00 At Hotel 11
Bus will take you to SSPA and RISE (alt. go with your own car) 

SSPA are working with sustainable and resilient maritime industry. Read more about SSPA.
If you will drive your own car, see address here.

11:00 Bus departs to travel to the RISE campus in Borås.

12:00 Lunch at RISE.

13:00 RISE tour at the Marine Laboratory and more, see below;

    • Marine Laboratory with the biocide and microplastic release rate equipment.
    • Fire Safety facilities with the marine and maritime applications.
    • Mechanical test hall showing machines with 20MN in compression and 8 MN in tension.
    • Material characterisation laboratory, with ToF-SIMS and equipment for characterisation of materials and paint layer.

With reservation for changes in the visiting program

14:30 Bus departs to travel to Landvetter airport with a stop at the central station, then continues to hotel 11. 

Approximate times of the return journey to Hotel 11:

15:00 Arriving at Airport at Landvetter.

15:30 Arriving at the Train station.

16:00 Arriving at Hotel 11.

Tickets to this event are limited. Registration is made together with the booking of your conference ticket. Registration is necessary.